WTB: Will buy broken lenses, cameras and flashes

Arc Studios
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I have a 20D that functions, but LCD screen doesn't work......email me at stanbeall@yahoo.com if interested.

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PM sent regarding a 7D.

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Pm sent

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Pm sent

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Have an SB-600 that dropped and no longer flashes. Pretty sure its the capacitor but have no time to repair. Also, the small round red plastic piece over the transmitter is missing but caused no issues when the flash worked.

Jon Joshua
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I have a bag of parts from a EF 35-70. Mostly everything except the electrical bits.

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I have a 40d in full working order except for the USB plug, which has been dead since a cable got tugged out of it. Not sure of the shutter count, but I'd guess around 20 to 30k clicks.

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I have a Canon 17-35mm 2.8L that does not focus.

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D300 had small amount of moisture. Not completely drenched. Would come with box and original accesories.

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