Meet the Models: Janelle *NSFW*

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Not safe for work!

Hello friends,

Been quite some time since I've posted. Hurricane Sandy took my server down. My old server company hosted it's backups in the same place as the serve the BASEMENT of a data center. When my server was doing the nightly backup, lightning took the server down and corrupted the backup and the flood drowned the backup server. I had to go through Google Reader to get everything from the past year and half and re-post.

Anyway, I'm back with some Janelle. I shot Janelle March 2011. She was dating my at the time Muse's brother. My then muse was jealous of her and didn't want me to shoot her. All that drama aside, we shot last week and here are some of the images:

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

I had fun editing this one. Wanted to look a bit haunting

Of course if you want to see more images of her and read the story on us, go to the Meet the Models: Janelle and read away! There's like 50 images total so I hope you have time hah.

I think the board redirects my links so go to and it's the most recent post.

Thanks for looking!


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Nice images. #3 for me.
thanks for sharing.

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Nice set, she's a cutie.

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Don't care so much for 1 but i love the rest! Good Job.

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May I ask why you dislike #1?

Just curious really.

Thanks all!

And @jdevarie: that was the HARDEST photo I've ever edited lol. I had to start and restart it about 9 times. Originally, I saw it black and white but that pp looked better. I should look for the RAW and post.