Fall on the Canyon Wall

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Back at the old same place....... I like these undercut arched features in the tall canyon walls. Finally created a decent comp of one in a nice pre-rain soft light .

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Nice isolation of the tree on the right. It gives a good sense of scale and all the yellow color sets off the canyon wall really well.


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I too like the comp. The undercut wall does give some nice depth too.


Brad Williams
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Great Shots. I love the textures and contrast between the plants and the rocks. The colors are great too!

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A classic shot Jeffrey. You did really well capturing and showing the detail, color, patterns and textures of the sandstone wall. The little alcove and changing leafs are an extra bonus.

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Lovely shot Jeffrey! I'm really drawn into the image by the colors of the leaves. Nice work!


Scott Kroeker
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Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

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I like the little spots of yellow trees on top of the arch.


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Hey Jeffrey,

A very nice canyone feel here. Looks good.


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Really pops, Jeffrey. Nice alcove shot.

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It's a wonderful shot. Not only do you have a fine eye for detail but you also understand finding the right light to do justice to the composition. - RC

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Very nice Jeff


Mike Ganz
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Nice color and nice clarity...

Jonathan Huynh
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Very nice shot.

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Nicely done. Are you shooting medium or large format?