Whistler, Ibis and the umbrella


Lance B
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Fantastic photos, Birdie! Love the portraits and that really does look ike an umbrella for birds!

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The first 2 have wonderful detail Roberta. Now that parasol is something else. I hope it dose not rain…


Rob Tillyer
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Very nice set, #2


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Super close up shots. Too bad the sparrow wasn't facing the camera though.

Lars Johnsson
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Love the second portrait shot Roberta

Karl Witt
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Ahhh, variety!

My fav is #2, wonderful DOF Birdie and a great lead to the eye, nice depth in this image, I like it all here

Lovely color and detail on #1 and a perfect 'nose hole' shot The looming big beak in the BG frames this one up nicely!

Oh my, #3 is a product of your keen eye of appreciation for natures own canvas of images, I so wish for you that this one offered an eye but I like things like this so thanks for the umbrella treat!


Charlie Shugart
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Birdie- The first two images are world-class AND unique.
The third would be also if the birdie had turned its head to the right. Sigh. But it's still an excellent and fun shot.

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Wonderful shots, Birdie. The Ibis portrait takes the prize for me. Super sharp and very nice composition.


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Wonderful job on the fine detail in the first two Birdie... really nice.
My favorite is "The Umbrella" and it would be even better IMHO if the Sparrow was facing us.
Well done.


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Excellent close-ups and great detail !

Keep up the good work,

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Gorgeous Birdie

Thank you very Shreeni !

very nice images Roberta

Much appreciated Kenny.

A trio of treats


Thank you very much Tim.

Great work Roberta,
I esp. like #2


Glad you like it Mark. Thank you!

I like the last very much Roberta, too bad the little one was so shy!

Thank you Douglas. I, too, wish she had even me a look

Cool set Roberta, I love that ibis closeup and the whistler is cool too.

Thank you so much Herb!

Love the EYE-bis...and "seeing" the umbrella is very cool...not a bad outing despite the challenges.

Thanks Eric, wish the little one had given me the eye

Fine portraits and the umbrella shot had me smiling


Happy to make you smile Thanks Howard.

All great shots -- and pretty blue eyes on that ibis!

Thank you so very much Mark !

Marvellous shots Birdie. I particularly like #1, it's a beauty.

David thank you , glad you like it.

Very nice set, Birdie.
Love the blue eye in #2 and the umbrella shot.

Chris, they do have so lovely blue eyes .

BIrdie, These are very nice!


Dave, thanks for looking in . Glad you like them

Oh Birdie, the Umbrella shot is a real treat, fitting for the rainny weather we have here in the Bay Area. Great work!


Thanks so much Khai. Hope you have bright skies soon

Conrad Tan
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Very nice Roberta!

Martin Good
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Lovely detail and light in the first two Birdie.
Love the last one and would have been even better IMHO if the little fella had looked around a bit.

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Great detail on the first 2. The Blue iris of the Ibis makes it stand out for me