Kenya- antelope by the name of topi

Charlie Shugart
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Like many critters I saw in Kenya, the topi came as a surprise.
They're pretty big (200-300+ lbs), and fast (up to 50 mph), so even cheetahs have to plan attacks well and perhaps have a bit of luck tossed in.
The purplish color adds to their exotic look.

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Neat critters Charlie.

Tim Kuhn
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Yes indeed cool critters Charlie! Don't think I have seen them on this forum before


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A nice pair Charlie ~ Ron

Mark Cronin
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Nice job Charlie,
Hope to see them myself someday.


Martin Good
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Very nice pics of these strange looking fellas Charlie.

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nice ones Charlie

Charlie Shugart
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Thanks KCollett, Tim, Ron, Mark, Martin and kmunroe.
As with many first-time safari-goers, I was surprised how many different kinds of gazelle and antelope species there are in the Serengeti. And how often we encountered them.
Without trying, I've learned about almost all of the non-rodent mammal species in Canada and the US. But a list of new-to-me species in Kenya would be quite extensive. That added to the fun of it all.

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I love the first one Charlie