Football in the snow

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I shot a couple of high school semi-final tournament games last week in a snow storm. Just thought I'd share a few, since they are so different from most football shots...

1. The site: Rice Eccles Stadium at the University of Utah








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Very nice shots. When it was coming down heavy, did you have any issues with the AF?

Frank Lauri
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David...these look great. Nice job maintaining focus with all those little white fuzzies floating around. I had a white out last year and it yielded some nice shots plus I had a good time with it.

Nice work.

Russ Isabella
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Nice work, David. East's colors look great against the snow. And I like the perspective on the stadium you offer with that first shot.

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Very New England football shots :-)

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great shots!
snow games are ones you remember as a player!

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Amazing shots!


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These are SOOO good! Especially considering the conditions.

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#5 the uniform, the endzone & the snow certainly go well w/ the coca cola sign in BG IMO. Um, Christmassy, is that a word?

P Alesse
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All are good, but #5 is something special.

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shots still have lot of "pop" to them given the weather conditions! really like the set overall. Love the intensity and the QB's focus in #4.

Great job.

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These are awesome, great work!

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Love snow games, so much nicer than rain..Unfortunately being in north of Boston, most of the high schools' seasons are over before the snow flies..

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Nice photos. Love the action in #3. You could sell these as Christmas Cards.