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1adam-12 wrote: ...If i can PM you pics i will do that tomorrow... if not please PM me your e-mail address...

I don't know if one can attach pictures to a PM or not. To be safe I've sent you my e-mail address.

Also, while you were responding to my post I added a comment to mine above. Hope it helps a little.

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1adam-12 wrote:

It happens our home football field is notoriously known for TERRIBLE lighting conditions...

SO... i am at a loss... i was thinking of getting a Canon 200mm f/1.8.... but then was steered towards a Canon 5d Mark III....

Any suggestions... help or advise is appreciated... what would you do ?

obviously the 5D3 is better if you have the budget - I've seen great pics in a poorly lit HS gym with just a 50mm 1.8 and a Rebel so getting a larger aperture lens is the least expensive option

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FYI... I purchased a NEW in the box Canon 5D Mark III today for $2900.00.... cant wait to try it out and use some of the great advice i have received on this forum...

I bought it from a private party who bought it from Best buy a month ago... With his receipt !!!

Thanks Again !!!! Dave