Washington DC

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I was in Washington DC to support our daughter in the Susan G. Komen 3 day, 60 mile breast cancer walk. So while she was walking my wife and I went to see the sights. We did 30 mile in 4 days our self.






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Just awesome! I like Lincoln the best.

Colin Giersberg
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Beautiful images, George.

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Lovely series! I really like visiting DC a lot. I have to say that your Washington Monument image really sticks out to me. I'm a sucker for reflections.


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Nice shots. Glad to see the reflecting pool is back in action. Earlier this year it was drained for repairs.

David Leask
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I like all of these George, especially the first one

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Great photographs, #3 is my fav!

Joe Costa
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Very nice! Iwo Jima and Lincoln are great.

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Very nice .. I'm just cross the Ches bay bridge, but I rarely venture in to DC

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Very nice set!

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Great captures of an amazing city.

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picture 3 and the one with the white house are amazing. A lot of people may or may not find the blur flag fascinating but I really like it