CP-E4 battery pack and 600ex-RT

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does anyone know if the CP-E4 battery pack is compatible with the new 600exRTs?
I cant find any info on it

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doesnt appear that it is.

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i hadn't checked the specs, but i have hooked up a CP-E4 to my 600EX-RT and it worked fine.

From Canon's product page (Specs) for the 600EX-RT (http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/products/cameras/speedlite_flash_lineup/speedlite_600ex_rt#Specifications)
External Power Source
Compact Battery Pack CP-E4

well, OK, i just NOW checked the specs

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Just to confirm the above: YES, the CP-E4 definitely works with the 600EX-RT. Very well.