PCB Einstein/Cyber Commander questions

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My CC displays 16 bars no matter how many Einsteins I have synced. Why?

When I toggle from channel 1 to any other channel on the CC, the modeling lamps always come on without any further input and the only way I can turn them off is via the unit itself. All connected Einsteins' modeling lamps come on when I toggle between channels. Why?

My CC recognizes the Einsteins as AB400 on the CC display. Why?

Thanks in advance!


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Call PCB, they have good customer support.

Einsteins pretty much auto sync with the CC. It's a little more complicated for older flashes.

Once you have it set up, save it to one of the internal memory locations.

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Read about the "open all from studio" option in the instructions that came with the CC. If everything is set to the same frequency, this command allows the CC to automatically locate any Einstein that's turned on. Once the CC locates the Einsteins, you can also use it to configure the status of the the modeling lights for each strobe. The instructions that come with the Einstein are fairly typical, meaning they're just okay. The good news is that they were written by someone that speaks English as a first language.