Ox Bow Cliché

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Super shot. Your efforts really paid off and using the 70-200 looks perfect to bring in the mountains. Very well done.

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Nice picture, might work in BW too. Bit too colorful, but things like this sell very well.

Grats to good photo.

Karl Witt
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These are places and views that we all need to experience, you have done an outstanding job to convey what you saw and I am greatly appreciating the view as well as the techs that it takes to bring a shot like this together Matt

Invigorating and energetic. I like how the water adds richness and contrast to what is reflected in it, almost looks like some skim ice in closer?

Wonderful, thank you

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nice shot!

glad you finally go to visit NJ
you did it service with that shot

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Great shot but which mountains are those?

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Whew !! Knocks my socks off good !! Amazing shot.

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Just stunning!

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Nothing cliche about this; just gorgeous!

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Stunning image!!! Beautifully done!

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Good to see the smoke cleared for you!

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Hard to believe this is in New Jersey.

You must have an amazing telephoto lens.

Seriously, a beautiful photo!

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Grand effort, Matt

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Now that is a nice use of 36mp!
How big did you say your'e going to print?


Matt Anderson
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Fred, thanks for the front page thread, I should send you a final print! If you'd like, shoot me an email.

Obviously this isn't New Jersey, er metro NJ, it's um, cough, an area West of Hoboken that many apparently have missed, unaware of it's discrete locale.... hey look, a squirrel !

Not sure of the final print yet, but it will be on Gold Fibre Silk or Crane Museo sheetfed (vs thinner roll) on a 9X series Epson....

I'm very appreciative of all the interaction on this posting. Thank you for taking the time in your busy schedules to comment.

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Matt Anderson wrote:
Hi Roman, I hope your computer is up to date, you'll find the files very cumbersome to non robust systems. Maxing out RAM and swopping out the HD with a top speed SSD flash drive has made a world of difference.

Just picked out some parts...will be ordering them as well.
i7 3.5GHz Ivy Bridge, and MoBo
16GB of DDR1866 Ram
GTX 660 Video card with 960 Cuda Cores which works well with photoshop.
256GB SS drive for my OS main drive
2 - 128 SS drives one for my OS cache and one for my Photoshop scratch disk

And of course my Drobo full of 1.5TB drives.

Should be just fine.


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Never mind, I now realize you were just joking about New Jersey. You had me going there.

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great lighting and composition!

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This is fantastic. love it


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