mass winter birds have arrived!

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great day out here in boston today. a bit slow from a species diversity standpoint, but i did crack off a few decent shots.

Charlie Shugart
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A terrific set, Dorian.
Your second merganser image is superb! Hood up, perfect reflection and sharp focus. Doesn't get much better than that.

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A lovely set of images, Dorian.

Mark Cronin
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Nice job Dorian.
#2 is my fav.


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I like all of them.

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Magnificent set Dorian That last shot is outstanding.


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Good looking images Dorian. #2 & 4 for me.

Tim Kuhn
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Very nice work Dorian, these are all strong images. I'll go against the crowd and say I would prefer the last shot without the reflection Great job


Rob Tillyer
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Very nice set Dorian.


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Beautiful, all of them.

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Very nicely done Dorian. The first one stands out for me ~ Ron

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Dorian, #2 is my favorite in this very fine set.

David Leask
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Fine shots Dorian, thanks for sharing

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very nice Dorian

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Really well done Dorian. First two are great but I have a soft spot for those lovely hoodies.

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excellent set of images, 2 & 4 are beautifully captured

Thomas Sanders
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Sweet Mergies Dorian and agree with Tim on the reflection in the last one
Love the opener of this seldom seen Finch


Karl Witt
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Yes indeed that is a Purple Finch! Great image showing the color, soooo much different than the Red Finch in color.

That is a pretty looking shot of the Siskin!
Great work on the Hoodies, those have to be a challenge in any metering mode! I guess spot meter on the white and stop down from there Or just wait for diffused light

Good stuff your sharing

Ted ellis
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Very nice Dorian. Love the quackers.

Herb Houghton
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Great job Dorian, we also have an influx of purple finches and pine siskins this year already. I love the mergansers.