D600 Slot 1 Failure?

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Using patriot class 10 memory cards. I know they are not the best cards, but have never had a problem with them in my d800 or canon 60d camera.

Slot 1 on the d600 just will not work properly. I can shoot 1-2 raws before the camera completely locks up with a green light for approx. 5-10 seconds.

Slot 2 works perfectly!

Ohh, and the reason I had to buy a d600 was my d800 is a service queen. Recently developed a total AF failure. Cannot focus with 5 feet of the subject!

I will say the d600 is a very very nice little camera!

dj dunzie
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Wow, you're not having a great run of luck lately are you? The camera gods are going to start smiling very soon. Hope you get it sorted out. I only use Lexar Pro cards in my cameras and the D600 hasn't given me any issues whatsoever so far (knock on wood).