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I have done this for work the other day. I had to take the picture of the manager separately in his office against a white background as i couldn't set my lighting up on the platform due to the overhead lines (25,000 volts) at the train station.
I then took the image of the station and then superimposed him onto the background.

Any feed back is welcome.

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Love the saturation on the image. Lighting seems to match on the client and background. The background seems a bit distracting though IMO, but it may work with the client.


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This is really great. I second the idea of lowering the brightness of the background a bit. I also would clone out that top left corner (well, it distracts me from his head, but maybe I'm the only one lol). Nice concept, you did an excellent job! I am sure they will love this.

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Nice lighting on the manager and I like the juxtaposition of his static image with the movement in the background. Not that it's an issue for me, but it does scream composite. Is the choice of lens different on the two shots?

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Thanks for all your comments and feedback.
Hi Liam, i used the same lens and distances due to needing the scale to be correct.

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I think the lighting could be tweaked. Currently both sides of his head are evenly lit. You should make the light on his left side a little weaker, to match the sources of daylight.

I would say dim the light on the right side of his head (using a digital graduated filter) by 0.5-1 stops.

Also, make the top-down light gradient across him a little stronger. Currently his shirt is still too evenly lit (there's a weak gradient but it doesn't match the strength of daylight).

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great shot, one thing I do not like is his head being cut off

I think the lighting works great the way it is

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Very well done, far more interesting than the average corporate shot. I'm on my phone, but I think I see some moire in his shirt.