Moving picture from one forum to another ?

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Is it possible to move a picture you posted in one forum to another if you think your picture was posted to the wrong forum.
I has been suggested that I posted to wrong forum. I would like to correct that mistake.
Joe Parisi . Marco island fl

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Not sure if you can. Why not delete it and repost it in the other forum?


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eos-m42guy wrote:
Why not delete it and repost it in the other forum?

His post already has a reply (suggesting it's in the wrong forum) so deleting his original post is no longer an option.

If you want to change the forum, you'll need to contact a moderator. There are 3 moderators in the Landscape forum. Click on one's name to send a PM.

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You can also "edit" the thread and remove the pic, Joe...remove text and type nevermind