Alternative to Profoto Beauty Dish on Profoto lights?

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I'd like my friend to stop borrowing my Profoto Beauty Dish and have her find a cheaper alternative. Is there such an option for her Profoto lights?
I believe she has the Profoto monolights.


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Alas, the Profoto dish is already cheap by beauty dish standards.

Maybe suggest a Mola to her, which will make the Profoto look incredibly cheap by comparison?

If it's not something she needs constantly, rental rates are usually pretty cheap. That's about all I can come up with. If she's not in a hurry and she does need one constantly, she can keep an eye on the used market. There are frequently deals to be had on used Profoto dishes if you can be patient.

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She owns Profoto monolights but doesn't want to buy a proper beauty dish, and have to borrow one from you?

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I use a Mola and yeah, when you factor in the rubber mount for the back of the dish it is a bit more overall. Try the Kacey model. He said he could put together his dish with a Profoto mount for me for something like $275, or was it $245(?) back a year ago. Worth checking into. .

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A friend bought a Speedotron 22" beauty dish and a Profoto flash head adapter ring replacing the Speedotron ring with that. Works fine on his D1Airs. He got both from B&H Photo Video. A bit less expensive and the Speedotron grid is very nice.