Best P&S for product photography ??

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I've got to do some 360 degree product photography for a client, which of course entails taking a lot of shots of each item, and as I've got a lot of their product line to shoot, I am looking at a bunch of photos total.

To get the needed the DoF I have to stop down my DSLR quite a bit, and that can bring with it some sensor spots, which isn't a big deal to clone from a few photos, but when we are talking hundreds, that could be a real PITA

So I'm thinking perhaps doing it with a P&S that has a hotshoe to trigger my lights, and also can support RAW, for easy batch processing corrections.

Anyone have some thoughts on this matter ?

Would something like a Canon G12 work well for this ? I've owned plenty of compacts in the past, but have just a Sony RX100 now, which I don't think would serve me well as its got no hotshoe.

Seems the flip out LCD, and the added DoF from the small sensor could be quite useful

Thanks for any advice

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The Canon G12 sounds like a very good choice. I have used a Panasonic FZ50 to do product photography for years (same sensor size and a flip-out LCD) and I find it works better than my DSLR. I use 2 or 3 off-camera flashes through umbrellas and, with those lights, I shoot at f/4 to f/6.3 which are the optimum apertures for that sensor size, so the results are excellent. I know what you mean about the DOF problem with the DSLR -- I would need considerably more light to stop down with the DSLR to get the same DOF.

Another advantage with the P&S -- you can choose a high shutter speed (1/400 or 1/800) and pretty much shut out the ambient light, so you can work with more background lighting.