Qustion on Gitzo three-leg carbon fiber tripod

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dcains wrote:
Yes, and this is one of those little details those shouting their Benro/Induro/Sirui/other knock-off brand is "as good as a Gitzo" fail to make note of. If you actually take apart and compare the leg locks in detail, it's obvious to see the differences in thread pitch, precision of the machined parts, and quality of the compression fitting parts used.

I've done this and while I wouldn't say that my Benro traveler is "as good as a Gitzo" I do prefer using the Benro leg locks in particular as they're much smoother in use than my (now sold) Gitzo traveler. The best description I can come up with is that these Benro locks are as smooth as those on my old Gitzo 1228.

I've taken both the Benro and Gitzo leg locks completely apart and the only substantive difference I could discern is that the white plastic bushes on the Benro are slightly thinner than the Gitzo ones. I believe that's a result of the Benro legs being a very tight sliding fit. Once again I'm not suggesting that the Benro is as "good as" or "better" than much more expensive tripods but I do think that my tripod is good value. I'm into my third year of use and it's doing OK.

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sjms wrote:
the codex for gitzo products:

Thanks for that - it's useful.


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Guys thank to all for your help
I just got my Gizo GT3531S today and i like it !!
Do you guys know what kind of column i can buy ? just making sure to get the right one thanks

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