Been awhile...........

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Excellent pp work Arlo, which superbly augments the excellent images. Very well done. Merganser is my fave, despite the bobber and the bright highlights on top right.

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a great set of images Arlo .. nicely done

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That Sunflower is popping out . Gorgeous . I never seen such a sharp image ,, . Birds are fabulous too. .

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These are amazing!!

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Excellent images Arlo and beautifully presented!


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Thanks very much everyone!

Herb Houghton
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Great set of little ones Arlo

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incredible photos.
do you shoot full frame or DX?
Type of lens?

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Great images all of them!! Certainly something to aspire to.

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Thanks Herb and all the rest of you!

Fixed the Hoody and here is the female shot the same day.

Thomas Sanders
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Karl Witt wrote:
Talented in vision and presentation you are.

I am seeing things that the 'artist' has added in mood and color, though they all are seeming to work in harmony with nature.
Arlo, this is a magnificent set, most enjoyable to view.


Impressive imagery Arlo


David Leask
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Fabulous shots Arlo, what a treat you have given us here. They keep coming as well

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Thanks Tom, David and everyone else.

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Beautiful colors & subject isolation. I'm jealous! Incidentally, do you use a 400mm or 600mm? I'm willing to bet that you use a 400 w/ a teleconverter from the nice bokeh I see...

Doug Maclean
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Arlo these inspire me to become a better photographer.Love the clarity and isolation.Doug M

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Thanks Doug and NikonGuy.

For the record I use a Canon 1D MKIV and a Canon 500mm f4L IS Lens which I bought here on FM. I have been using this setup for 2 years almost and it is superb in many ways. However, I am selling the 1D and 500 here on FM so that I can upgrade to the 1DX and the new 500 v.III. I hate to part with these as they have been faithfully by my side for so long and I do love the results I get with this combo.

Anyone looking for a complete setup check out my FS post here:

[Not sure if there is a rule about putting a link in here but if so please let me know so I can remove it.]

There are instances where I will use my 7D and my 70 - 200 2.8 like the Northern Blue Parula photograph on page 1. If I can get close enough to the subject.

I do a lot of landscape photography as well here in Maine. Maybe I should post a few of those on FM too.

Ok, Last shot for this series! Captured this Barred Owl hunting in a snow field in Phippsburg Maine.

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Amazing series!!

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Just found this thread amazing work Arlo.

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Yo bro, bout time you post up! you know my fave...... They look great on the mac. GL with your sale!

See ya when we get back from FL. We gotta get back to the river and chase dem lil birdies again this summer.


Tim Kuhn
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Incredible set Arlo, there are too many to comment on them all. Just a couple of thoughts, I would remove the bobber and the GBH with the spread wings is truly a stunner. Great stuff!


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