Family Documentary Work at the Beach


Jeremy Reitman
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Terrible as usual...I hate your work (because mine is crap compared to it).

Just kidding, of course, Chuck...

As far as processing...can't you just open in LR4, then open it in photoshop and process like you used to? That's how I handled my 5DMark2 before I bought a version of PS that supported the raw files directly. After that, I just sort of used LR as my shoot keeps track of everything for me.

Anyhow...good (no...great) stuff!

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Oh my...

...Chuck, you hit the ball out of the park, out of the city and across the pond. I think I saw it flying over my house...

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3 hours? and you got these many great shots... wow! i'm amazed... wonderful series as always...

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Chuck- if someone asked me who my inspirational photographers were, you fall in the first breath. I like how you capture seemingly ordinary situations and make the viewer stop and take in everything that's happening in each image.

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Lovely serie, inspirational.
Some classic captures. I can imagine this being a priceless for them and generations to come !!!



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Nice variety, hard to pick a favorite. With this being a documentary, I think you did great! I would be happy with the results.


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Wow these were awesome to look at. Thanks for sharing your day!

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You did a fantastic job!

Rob Hickey
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nicely done.. lots of great shots!

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This is such a refreshing approach to family photography. I loved looking at these and felt like I was experiencing it with them. The images with the grandparents will be treasured forever.

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thanks again all! TTee, that is very kind of you to say! i appreciate all the words!

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there are so many amazing images here but when you put them all together, you tell such an amazing story that the family will cherish forever. I love your style Chuck

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Really nice brought back memories of my family at the beech....the two daughters look just like their mom...

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simply love it, great job

phil hawkins
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F****** AWESOME!

Ed Swift
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great set. Not keen on 1 & 2 but the others are ace.

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thanks again all! really kind words