Fire Sky...Yosemite

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Can such colours really have happened? Yep, they really did!! Thank you Yosemite, thank you so very much!

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Those are two very cool shots! Love the color in these. I think #2 is my favorite, I love that really wide view.


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Thank you

Chris Tylko
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And I strongly prefer the first shot. Although I really like pano style shots, in this case I feel the space to the left of left fir tree should be cropped out. That would "de-center" half dome and enhance the birghter light on the right side (which I'd leave intact).

I'm undecided on the second shot because half dome and the two trees come out looking more as a distraction vis-a-vis the beautiful sky and nice light on the left slope.


Hikin Mike
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Great captures! You did good. I don't have any sunset photos from Olmstead Point.

Rob Tillyer
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Very nice, super colour.


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Nice pair - leaning towards the first, as the reflection off the rock face is special.


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The first one is great!

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Wonderful! Both of 'em.


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Both shots are excellent. However, #1 is my favourite because it has a clear focal point in Half Dome, while still retaining the beautiful sky colors. I would crop from the right, decentering Half-Dome. Well done nonetheless!

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Great shots expecially #1.