Hasselblad H Series, Any Users Of Them?

David Frost
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Any feedback on quality?


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I sold my H2 a while back and rent now when needed. They're heavy, bulky, expensive cameras that don't shoot well at high ISO, have huge file sizes, the autofocus is not close to dslrs, and there's no rapid-fire shooting with them. That said, if you can work within certain restrictions, the image quality is absolutely amazing. They're very good for landscape, fashion, product photography, and the lenses can be quite lovely.

There are tradeoffs, but well worth it if you come to terms with them.

David Frost
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With the H4D comes true focus (TF) which really works! The camera can auto focus the lens wherever you put the the focus sensor, you then re compose framing the image as you want and the camera keeps your subject in focus.

The H4D 40 is quite good at up to 800 ISO, while the 50 and 60 are limited to lower ISO. The files are amazing, the color is spectacular and retouching easier that for DSLR files. That said, in the real world it's Horses for Courses. Hasselblad is more suited to some assignments that a 35mm DSLR and vice versa.

Attached is an image shot with my H4D for an example.

For shooting people I love the H4D with the HC100 f2.2 lens.


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David, what's your intended use? That's probably the most important aspect when thinking about medium format. You also (and unfortunately) have many closed options when thinking about the H system. Are you wanting digital? Film? Hassy or open option back? I shoot Contax but if I were going to get into a modern system I would be going Hasselblad because they have film options and True Focus. They also have better glass than the newest Phase offerings. But their design closed-mindedness annoys me to no end. The fact you can't just use any body you get your hands on with all options is just stupid.

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If your talking in the studio, my "old" H3D2-39 blows away any Canon or Nikon. For groups, it is far superior. For fast action, higher ISO, street photography, school photos, it is not better. Have a fall outdoor family session today and will used the H3D2-39 and the 5DMK2 will be the back-up.

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I was using H3DII-39 and then traded in for H4D-60.

Both camera were unbelievable, the quality and clarity at ISO50-100 are unmatched by Canon or Nikon, but the H4D has significant improvement over H3D, the true focus and higher iso is better, i did test ISO800 with my H4D and it is so acceptable, with H3DII ISO400 was horrible, but if you shoot at lower ISO with lights then it will give you stunning colors and better DR, even it is sharper than my Nikon shots.

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I use to make about 20.000 pictures a year by Canon / aparture there are left 2-300 for use

now i make about 2000 shots by Hasselblad H4D-31/ phocus there are left 2-300 for use in the same time of hobby

i never look at my Canon pictures again although i had very good lenses like 85-1.2 + 135 2.0 + 300 mm 2.8 wow

i do not think you should compare DSLR and Hassie either Phas one. Also the price. The difference is comparing a Japannese car and a German car.

have fun