Andrea - The Living Daylights

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Few new ones with Andrea...
Comments welcome.




Steady Hand
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Hi J.

My favorite from this set is image 3.

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3 for me as well

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3 also. I like the lines in #1, but the facial expression doesn't do it for me.

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I like 2. Not sure if you used on or off camera flash or if you used a modifier. Lighting off camera from the left may have pushed her shadow out of the frame. Then too it may still have added shadows from the braided metal lines. Also, light quality could be a little softer. Might consider heal brushing the small area on her left knee to take out the flash flare. Really like how you positioned her against the background.

I'd like to see what 1 would look like with a little more contrast, but contrast is your specialty so you must have processed this way to get the look you wanted.

3 is nice as well. Poses are spot on in all.

Nice work sir. Thank you for doing what you do.

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3 fantastic! Love the lines, pose, everything about it!

2 looks a bit direct flashy...

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Well Done, great poses, but avoid overcast skys at all costs.

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Thanks peeps, 3 is one of her favorite images, I really like that one as well. Yeah, off cam bare flash on 2 and 3, shadow bothered me a bit on 2, but it's alright. Processed 1 to fit the mood; grey, cloudy and cold, but we worked it out.

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3 is fantastic, one of my favorites from you.

Osai, I'm curious why to avoid overcast skies? It is because it's just so bright and white, when compared to the subject?


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Same here ... #3. For the reasosn mentioned above ... pose, lines, lines of the building

I maybe would have moved her a little bit forward, in order to get her head between the two pillars in the back ( or maybe myselve, in order to maintain her distance from the white line on the ground).

And might consider, when using this for promotion ... whatever, to remove that dark grey pole in the left. To get an overall pale background, in contrast with the model. ( just an idea)

How tall is she actually ?


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1, 3 for me J! The framing you chose for 3 rocks. The shadow on #2 against the wall behind her is a bit distracting. I like the setting you picked for this shoot.

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1 looks a little overexposed to me, but man does she look great in that dress! 3 for me as well.


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She's 6' 3".
I go back and forth on the pole...kind of like it there to balance it out.

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#3 is in a different league than the others, in composition and PP. I found #1 washed out, #2 overly flashed and #3...well #3 was just right!

I would clone out the grey sign is the only other dark thing. Shoot, id get rid of all that stuff back there including the buildings, but that's me

Thanks for sharing!

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When you're right, you're right! The gray sign is gone. Thanks!

Jim Rickards
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Another really good set. These gals know who to turn to.

As always, a nit for you to think about:

In #1, f2 might have been too shallow. Most of her is just right, but we're losing the face and hair to OOF.

My picks? #1 if it were sharper, #2, even though the facial expression seems a bit tentative.

#3 is a great shot too, but I don't see the reason to include the ceiling above her.

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Thanks Jim, I think number 1 is probably slightly missed focus; the black dress was not a good contrasty focusing point.

I like this one better:

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I would say she has everything GOOD,,

nice work,,