Wading Elk. . .

Dennis M 1064
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I followed this guy as he walked across the valley in Yellowstone. (Me and about 50 other people )

I saw some water coming up and wondered what he would do. I really wanted him to go through it, and not around it, or at least stop for a drink or something. He walked right in it for me and I fired a few more shots. I saw the splash as he took a step and then saw the shutter close at just that moment. YES! All I could think about from that moment on was that I really hoped that the timing was right, as I knew that would be the shot. Once he moved off into the woods, I couldn't get to the preview fast enough. There it was. Out of all of them, I knew this would be the one, and I believe it is.

Looking forward to seeing this on my wall. That is the proper way to 'mount a majestic Bull Elk'. In a nice frame.

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Love it. I liked how you framed it. Well done.

Dennis M 1064
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Thanks Harsha. Virtually no crop. I'm really liking this camera! I have a large version of this image on my 27" imac, and the color, detail and image sharpness is amazing. I'm so glad I had my tripod for this one. I had the ball head set a little loose so I could still pan and make slight adjustments, and didn't have to be too particular where I set the tripod back down as I moved, but still took a lot of 'me' out of the equation. Would have not been happy to lose this moment to camera shake from "Buck Fever".

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Really nice image Dennis.

Mark Cronin
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That's a beauty Dennis,


Ernie Aubert
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lovely shot Dennis

Tim Kuhn
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What a great shot of this guy in his environment, well done!


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Very nice Dennis. I just returned from Yellowstone and didn't see many elk.

Dennis M 1064
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Thanks guys.

There were certainly more bison than elk. I got lucky with this guy. Even back home in Idaho, I always seemed to see the cows, but no bulls. So, I was a little excited to see this one. I had hoped I had enough glass for him, and I am actually glad I didn't have "enough". If I had a big prime, I would not have caught this shot. It is a trade off. There were times I wish I had the big glass, but then, I got so lucky on this shot. Hey, even a blind squirrel can find a nut!

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Well done Dennis - nice elkscape ~ Ron

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nice one! I like the scene, and that amazing animal looks great. I love my iMac too.

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Very nice Dennis


B Benson
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Headed to Yellowstone tomorrow, this sparks my excitment. great shot. Bruce

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That's a really beautiful scene Dennis and absolutely needs framing. Congrats !

Dennis M 1064
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Thanks everyone. And have a great time in Yellowstone. It is one of my favorite places on earth. Even when I was there 42 years ago.

Jonathan Huynh
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NIce shot. I like soft light.