Toronto Nightscapes from Centre Island

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Marty Bingham
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Shane Psaltis
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P Alesse wrote:
Here's one more with the sky. Morris... is this a better crop?

My new fab Pauly this is definetly a winner and print worthy. Fantastic bud


Lee Saxon
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Fantastic work! Nice job exposing a fairly challenging scenario. I like the last one framed by trees best.

David Leask
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Excellent shots Paul. I think my favourite is #3 where you have picked out the main features (imo) of the skyline and shown them in portrait format. I also like the last one very much with the big bonus in this one being the extra detail in the sky. Good job all round

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Wow, beautiful capture Paul. I really like the framing on #2 & #3. The colors are fabulous.

I'm sure they would look wonderful on the wall.

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Those are some awesome shots!

Caleb Williams
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Paul, I didn't know you were so multifaceted.

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Right place, right time and of course right man, behind the camera ; an excellent job...

Mirza Ahmad
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Very nice, usually the dark skies would detract but not here.

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wally5656 wrote:
Wow! Wow! Wow!

Did I say.....uh, WOW!

+100! Beautiful shots

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Great job Paul! it's a winner.
What are the camera and lens you're using if you don't mind to tell us Paul? Thanks

P Alesse
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Hi... thanks for all the late love on this guys. It was a fun shoot. Hiep... on most, I used a 14-24/2.8 on a D3x.

Olivier Nguyen
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second to none. absolutely stunning.

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wally5656 wrote:
Wow! Wow! Wow!

Did I say.....uh, WOW!

What He Said.

Stunning. Would make an excellent print for framing!!

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wally5656 wrote:
Wow! Wow! Wow!

Did I say.....uh, WOW!


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Gorgeous! really beautiful work!

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Really nice series Paul That's not your side of town. Were you on vacation or did you have a shoot over there. Either way really nice colors.


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Bill Gass
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wally5656 wrote:
Wow! Wow! Wow!

Did I say.....uh, WOW!


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If cloud noise is low in the second one, I'd sell prints of it online or where ever. It's a spectacular capture.

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