Finnish wearing on my 5D Mark III

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surf monkey wrote:
NYC Shooter wrote:
OK, as of the wear on my 5D Mark III

Whoa. Not what I was expecting.
Definitely not normal wear.
I'd definitely send it to Canon for them to look at.
I hope this is an isolated incident. I haven't had any issues yet.

Good luck in getting that resolved.

The moral of the story is avoid rodeo belt buckles and biker wallet chains...

Shiva dancing
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Irish the OP the best of luck in resolving this problem. (apologies for not resisting the urge)

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We have seen the picture, so are we finnish now

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re: "The finnish is wearing off? I haiti when that happens. I czecked my 5D classic, and it's still good togo after all these years. Perhaps you should take a pole? There's norway that a sudan, widespread drop in quality would go un-noticed.

EDIT: sorry for any typos; I was russian to respond. "


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Were you using a camera plate with the camera? It looks like the type of wear you could get from a loose or ill-fitting plate (combined with quite a bit of movement or vibration). There were some reports at the beginning of RRS's plates not fitting the 5D3 very well (link below) but I am doubtful that that kind of poor fit alone could cause the wear you are presenting.

Link to thread discussing the RRS plate and the 5D3:

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wow.... looks like someone took sandpaper to it. I'd definitely contact canon because this is not normal. I'm not sure if they will do anything about it but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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Did you have on your hands traces of a mosquito repellant?
Exactly the same thing happened a few years ago with my canoe paddle, All the polish is finished.

You can test it easily by a spraying a good dose of DEET on your teak table.
Be careful! If you spray it directly on 5D3, it could shrivel to S10 size.

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