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phil hawkins
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Can anyone recommend a GOOD print ordering web site? And please, not Flickr, Smugmug or Photoshelter. I'm looking for a great gallery display with print ordering capability that handles CC processing but let's me fill the print order manually.

Thanks!! I want to see as many suggestions as y'all can come up with other than those listed above. Of course those with personal experience will be most valuable.

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I like MPIX. They are fast and reasonably priced.

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I use Mpix as well, been very happy with them. I use their professional side, Millers for the school photography I do, believe they print on the same equipment.

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Zenfolio is a popular site that you didn't exclude and they have a self-fulfillment option:


If you want recommendations based on experience though, you may have better luck posting in Sports or Weddings.

phil hawkins
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Sports and wedding sites are exactly what I don't want. They all have a functionality that gears toward "events". Fine art photography print sales is not "event" photography. But Zenfolio looks REAL good so far. Thanks!

Carson Wilcox
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I switched from smugmug to zenfolio recently and it has been a very pleasant change.

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Zenfolio will provide your needs quite well.. and it is well respected which helps.

For straight printing, I have used WHCC for over 10 years and really like them... enjoy!

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Millers & WHCC for me.