Fall College Womens Fastball

dj dunzie
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Haven't posted much in a while, and honestly this is likely not a great sample to be posting, but the latest batch of sports shots I've started to sort through, so hopefully I will post up more soon that redeem me in some way. Wasn't really "feeling it" this night, but regardless a sample of some ladies' Varsity softball for anyone who cares.

All SHOULD be with a 300/f2.8, night shots under poopy lighting at ISO12800...

(1) Great scoop at short

(2) To first after grabbing the bunt

(3) The windup TTF (which makes for the raunchy OOF highlights)

(4) I find going tight helps a little with short distance-to-screen ugliness somewhat??

(5) The tag at two

(6) Conversion work at all?

(7) Another scoop at short

(8) And turning two

(9) Under the - cough sputter hack - "lights"

(10) Lookin to one

(11) Thanks for lookin'. Deep down, I think she digs me. Might be unimpressed with this set though.


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looks fine to me DJ
your 'not feeling it' sure beats most of what I see

Russ Isabella
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These look great, dj. #s 2, 5, 6, 8 and 10 stand out for me. There's a lot to like about 1 and 7, but maybe the moment before, when they're watching the ball into the glove and their eyes might be visible, would have more impact. Still stunning shots. You've made some cool decisions with #3 and I like the lines. Just wish it had the 'pop' of most of the other shots. Great to see you post your work. Looking forward to more.

Caleb Williams
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I personally like the B&W myself.

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I like the BW. A stoic moment in a normally high speed game. Seems appropriate to be monochrome. Thanks for sharing.

Marty Bingham
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I think Russ hit the proverbial nail on the head so I can't add much other than I enjoyed the set.


dj dunzie
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Randy... hey thanks for taking the time to check 'em out and comment, much appreciated.

Russ... really appreciate the thoughtful feedback, and you're right about 1 and 7. I should go back into the gallery if I find some time and see if I don't have some "just before" shots to try out. #3 was pretty washed out backlighting and this was already a "save" if I recall correctly, but I agree it still needs further curves tweaks. Thanks again for taking the time!!

Caleb, Michael and Marty... thanks guys for checking 'em out and the comments!!


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hey DJ, same as Russ...but #8, w/ the ball at the edge of the frame, not ideal for me.

do like the b&w...


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Deej -- as for number 10, what is not do dig? BW works just fine for me too. Agree with Chris on #8. Also, I'm not crazy about number 9. I know why you kept it and it's a cool shot. My preference with left-handed batters shot from first base side, about the only shot I like to use is the follow through after they have finished the swing. Shows a cool profile, especially if they have hit a deep fly ball and their face is turned up.

As for "not feeling it..." shoot two more games and call me in the morning. I think you will be fine.

dj dunzie
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Chris and Rick... thanks for the feedback guys!

Re #8 I see what you're saying. Unfortunately straightening the pic left it slightly too close to the edge and I still like it better with the ball present. A tick sooner would have been good I agree.

Re #9 it was the only BOB I managed under the lights (single snapper vs a burst shooter especially in the dark...) so thought it was worth posting.

Thanks again fellas!!

Frank Lauri
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Deej....not much more to add here. The series on a whole is pretty solid and I agree with some of the other comments. The one that doesn't work for me is #11....just from the the "glaring" look she is doing.

Beer.....lots of it. Helps get that "feeling it" perspective in gear.

Nice job...

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#2 is my favorite. The processing is done well on #6. I wonder what #11 would look like cropped for a head shot or close to one?
#9 BOB!!! Holy Grail attained.

dj dunzie
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Hi Frank and thanks for checking in... #11 was posted just for that reason She sure doesn't seem to like me much judging by the look. I need to work on your "perspective" strategy I think!

Mike... hey thanks for the look... much appreciated!