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MartyCastilla wrote:

It was a US only filing and known sources were listed, at least what came up in the prior art search and the ones I knew of.

I started to write up another long response and decided against it. I would love to continue this patent discussion but it would be abusing the forum rules and is not relevant to this forum. I posted this thread just to share since over that last year people here have expressed interest in my work. I will respond about my experiences during this process and MF lenses relevant to my original post.

One point which important to all of us. Come March 2013 the patent rules change. Prior Art no longer applies, first to file is the new rule. If I was so devious I should have waited until after March to file.

Here something to think about, what happens to the rejected parts of my filing and future claims after March.


The US patent process is severely broken. It will not be getting better in 2013.

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