Flume Covered Bridge - New Hampshire

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My favorite covered bridge in Autumn.

Sean O'Gara

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I have fond memories of spending time in the White Mountains. Great photo.

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Hey Sean,

That is sweet! A very cool looking covered bridge, and some really great fall color.


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Very nice!

Rick Schump
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Sean, beautiful bridge. Love the fal colors. Any perspectives from the river?. Nice shot. Rick

Eric Helgeson
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Looks like a famous painting. Nice composition.


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Thanks for posting that. I really miss Fall in NH now that I live in SC. After living there for 20 years it's hard not to miss it. That's one of my favorite bridges too.

Tuan Le
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That's a nice bridge, and a beautiful setting for it. Nicely captured Sean.

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reminds me of that scene in beetlejuice with the car

Love the colors in the shot. A very serene scene.


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Thanks everyone for the comments. No shots from the river on this one Rick, but I did get a shot of Albany covered bridge from the river there. I'll have to post it soon.

I already miss Vermont and New Hampshire also "Treebeard" and I've only been in that area once for two days only. I can't wait to go back and wish I could have this year since I've heard it's been good so far. One thing though....at least SC has some color. The closest to me from Los Angeles is probably the Sierra Nevadas and it's always yellow.