Yellowstone -- First Light

Colorado CJ
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I spent the past 3 days at Yellowstone, so I have plenty of photos to post. Here is a set taken the morning after my arrival. Shot with the D600 and 50mm F1.8G.

Hope you enjoy it.

30-Sept-2012-1 by Colorado CJ, on Flickr

30-Sept-2012-2 by Colorado CJ, on Flickr

30-Sept-2012-3 by Colorado CJ, on Flickr

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Hey Andrew,

You got some cool shots here. #1 is my favorite, but I would clone out those green lens flares in the middle of the shot. #2 is pretty cool too. #3 I think has too much bare sky, I would go with a pano crop on that one.

Looks like you had a good time up there in Yellowstone.


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I think #1 is spectacular! (Except for the green flares. Agree with Jim, you should try cloning them out.)

I also agree with Jim about cropping out some of that sky in #3.

Overall, a beautiful set of images!


Genes Home
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Nicely done!

agree with above comments, having the clouds in the sky really helps make the shot, especially at sunrise.

I definately like the lower camera angle in 2 and 3.


Ear Mountain
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Very nice captures here. I agree about removing the two green flare spots in the first image. I think that would really take that image to another level.

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Great set. #1 is my favorite.

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Nice shots.