Avoiding counterfeit cards and batteries - amazon OK?


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Hands up who thinks Canon has a factory somewhere making batteries.....

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jaybird555 wrote:
I buy just about everything from Amazon including photo gear. It is absolutely safe to buy from them, if there's a problem you can always return the item and they will refund your money including shipping.


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bauerman wrote:
Not sure why you would want a Canon battery - overpriced and lower performance than 3rd party batts.

In my experience the third party batteries are as good as Canon batteries - at lower prices

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anthonygh wrote:
Hands up who thinks Canon has a factory somewhere making batteries.....

Of course they don't. But what they do have is a specific performance criteria which the battery made for them must meet. The first thing 3rd party guys sacrifice is the spec, some place or another, to get the cost down. Otherwise their stuff would less price advantage and lower margins. I work in consumer goods, and I have first hand knowledge of how decions like that are made.

You can argue that the places corners are cut don't truly affect the final product, but the corners are surely cut someplace. There can be very highy qualiy reproductons still, but telling those apart from the real junk is hard. An example is chinese made drill presses. Jet, Craftsman and Harbor Freight all come from the same factory. They look the same, the parts are even interchangeable. Jet costs $600, Craftsman $500 and HF $400. Why buy the Jet? They have the tightest spec on all their parts. It would not be uncommon for the worst Jet in a lot to have less run out that the BEST HF model. And the real world performance matters to many.

So scale that down to some batteries. You can trust canon's spec to provide good quality. But which of the knock offs are the3 Craftsmans ans which are the Harbor freights? So far someone has said Maxell is a good alternative - maybe they are a craftsman type. Any others known good or bad?


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Well I just went with a 3rd party battery for my 7D with no worries. I mean come on, the Canon battery is crazy priced everyone has to admit that. In fact it sucks that they changed batteries for the 7D. Been shooting Canon bodies for several years and this is now the first time I can't share batteries between my multiple bodies. Oh and I trust anything sold by Amazon.