KISS albums design question

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Hey all,

I'm considering KISS albums for my new supplier. I've just spent a few minutes on their site and I'm a bit confused by how they present the design part of the equation. I'm expecting to be able to create my spreads in InDesign and upload, but all I see on their site are pre-made templates and premium options from big name photogs.

To all KISS users: how does the design process work? Do you have the freedom to build from scratch? What's your overall opinion of KISS?


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I design in KISS (not InDesign/etc) from scratch, I dont think they allow you to upload your own design.. but I could be wrong. I think its amazingly simple and easy to use, I dont use any of the premium features. Also, if you decided to go with a different album company you can use KISS to design the album, and have it export the spreads (so you could send somewhere else).

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You can always just upload your jpgs and do every page a full spread or full page from your own designs. KISS has pretty good customer service I've found.

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I ordered an album with them and never again. I had to have 3 albums to correct the error. They didn't check my order before sending it out and the trim lines were not equal.

They gave a full refund and the album in the end but i don't like how its all automated with no human to say - "are you sure you meant to do that" along the way

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You can design in InDesign and upload to KISS. I use Photojunction to create my album, then I export the spreads as jpgs. Go into KISS and there is an option to upload images--use that to upload your spreads. Also, something that's cool is because of the way Photojunction labels the exported spreads, KISS knows to automatically fill the album pages with the spreads in the correct order.

I only use KISS as a way for clients to view the album and make notes for changes. I dont order albums through them. I tried to design the album through KISS, but there were SO many bugs and errors that it just got to be too painful to work around. PJ is way better.

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Yes, you can upload designs you make yourself. When you actually create a new album for upload, it will ask you if you want to upload your own design or start from scratch. (might be slightly different WHEN they ask you this question, because they just revamped their website the layout is new to me.)

Anyways, their customer service is second to none. They stand by their products, and have been nothing but stellar in every dealing I've had with them. Yes, there is automation...but part of that includes viewing your layout WITH the time lines and centerline shown so that you can check (and should check) whether faces are cut in half, etc. You must actually view each page, with the trim lines and center line, and give it the ok before they will start processing your order for production. I have had them call me and tell me that I've had a face close to a centerline I know it is not always completely automated. But, I do expect automation out of every album vendor to some degree. They just can't all look at every page of every album.

To give you an example, UPS one time screwed up on a critical Saturday delivery and I was left without a book to deliver that was a groom's wedding day present on the next day (Sunday). KISS opened up shop on Saturday and started making a duplicate book and was willing to drive 2 hours north to meet me and hand deliver. Seriously, where are you going to find customer service like that? (UPS ended up delivering the album late Saturday after all, but KISS still was willing to cover UPS' butt. AMAZING.)

Or how about the time KISS made a free album for a client of mine who discovered her fiancee was dying of Stage 4 colon cancer 4 months before their wedding?

I do love their products (more importantly, my clients love their products), but beyond that they make me feel solid that they will stand behind their work and make it right every time.

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Thanks for the replies all. Good info.

Marcus Watts
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There will be no issue. Just check your final design to make sure everything is in order.

There is nothing asking if you are sure you want to do that as has been pointed out. It's expected that you double check everything before finalizing the order and make needed changes.

Tobiah was that their fault or did you just not check and set the bleed lines properly yourself?

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I personally (like many above) really like what I get from KISS. I have used Black river only once and won't use them again for albums, because the quality just doesn't compare IMO. The process is simple if you do your own design and upload, can't speak for the new design route on the site. I use Indesign and Album flow for doing up my spreads.