Candle girl

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Autumn comes! want to add more yellow to it
Comments are welcome ^^


_MG_7913 by iKidfoto, on Flickr


_MG_7920 by iKidfoto, on Flickr


_MG_7977-Edi1t by iKidfoto, on Flickr

Steady Hand
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I see your photo post has had over 300 views and no comments from viewers.

I know that can be disappointing and often discourages people from posting/participating in a forum like this.

So, I will post a comment or two and maybe that will get others to contribute their views too.

As with anything where a subjective view (opinion) is shared, there can be many views of the same issue or subject.

Of this set I my favorite is the #1 image.

#2 image is my second favorite.

The third image makes the girl look like she is squeezed in a box (compressed) due to composition and pose. So, I don't think it is as nice as the others.

I hope these comments help you.

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I'm interested in trying some candle-light photography. Love the first 2. Am I correct in assuming you used some additional light for the background. If so did you light it

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I really would prefer if the top of her head were not cut off in all three shots.

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love the look captured in #2,,

head crop is fine with me,,


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Stunning model....oh but the yellow!! too much on the first two, given the comparative of the third shot...try and dial it down a bit in PP if you can....the comp and the look though are quite wonderful....great theme!!

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I really like #3. In the first two, I'd mellow out the flame some, but all of your images have a great feel to them. Nice!