How much to charge for image?

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Just got a request from Photographers Direct for a sale of a puppy image for someone who's setting up a new website. Almost forgot about them, (PD) it's been so long since last contact.
Buyer is asking for Hi-def image, probably meaning big file, which you don't really need for a website, a bit suss.
How much should I ask for it?
Cheers, Wojtek.

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Well, you have to ask for some more info. Chances are the buyer has no idea what Hi-def means.
RF image or licensed?

Alan Goulet
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Based on the information that you provided, probably about $50. I hope that helps.


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Limited use? Any specific time frame? Watermarked or clean?

My gut feeling is at least $150 for a single clean image.

Keith B.
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If by "hi def" they mean 'equivalent to HD television', that's only 2 MP worth.