Leica R lenses on the new M camera

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As clever as the new M option is for R lenses, I'm not sure why someone would choose the M over the Sony A99. You could just Leitax your lenses and take the mirror out of the A99.

That's exactly what I was thinking (minus the mirror out in my case). The Leica M plus EVF plus grip is not going to be that much smaller or lighter than an A99, an probably less ergonomic. The Leica-R lenses are not lightweight either, so a bigger body makes sense, plus you get stabilization with the A99. I only have the Macro-Elmarit-R 60mm leitaxed to alpha mount (NEX-7), but if I had the 28mm I would definitely go with the A99.

In my case, I had 13 R lenses and just won a 14th (350mm f4.8) these evening. So, for me this is and will be a very difficult and costly proposition to change all of the lens mounts. It will also be a pain to return the mounts back to use the film based R cameras.

still a lot cheaper than the leica M though, but yeah i'm thinking mirrorless sounds better since you can still use the lenses on film. to bad there's only one FF mirrorless they'll work on right now...

Thank you. Still a very difficult decision. I haven't shot on the Leicas for film for sometime, but I do not want to rule it out by changing the mounts if I can avoid it.


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