Including gear and settings with posted shots - why?

Vernon Sampson
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Because it allows all to compare the range and quality of various products. Whether a subject
was captured with a mirrorless 4/3 camera, a canon 17-40L or a 16-35L II would expand our options. Just saying wish more would do so, especially the truely talented who take such capture such great images. Let us know as often as possible whether we are seeing a right out of the camera no processed image or not. Yeah, some do it but not enough of the regular contributors with excellent skills seem to do it. Often people ask, what were the settings, what gear used. The more we share the better we all can be.

Lars Johnsson
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I would say it depends on what forum you post in. If it's a gear talking forum, then it's very nice. But in all the presentation forums here at FM, I don't like to do that with every image

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+1 to Lars reply. FWIW, I always try and leave my Exif curious viewers are just a click
away from viewing most of what they need to know. Download a good "reader" and use it.
(I'm onna Mac and use Jeffery's & Reveal, there are lots of freebies out there)

Rodney O
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+1 for including the exif data with posted photos.

Having the exif data with posted photos is really useful, for beginners as well as experts. [I'd like to think I fall in the middle of that grouping, btw. ]

It certainly lets us learn what others have been able to do to get a particular shot. The more amazing the photo, the more I want to see "how in the world did he/she get that shot".

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EXIF data is a great way to go but I haven't found a way yet to view it in Safari on my iPad. So I appreciate seeing it on the sports images I see.