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Alcohol can do that to you....(whiskey in my crystal decanter):

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Fantastic shot.


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sweet! trophy coming your way

Jude Perera
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Diggin' the tones combined with almost mesmerizing patterns. Nice.

Travis Rhoads
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Very nice, I like it. Photographing crystal is hard, at least it was the one time I tried it, well done. Bet you had a tasty treat after creating this one! Cheers!!

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Brilliant shot; I love the spray of facets that angle off to the left, rays from a whiskey sun...

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Makes me want a glass of oban. Looks like I'll have to wait until tonight, so the lady doesn't think I'm depressed or something haha.

Edit: Also I really like the composition and the colors being thrown around all the surfaces. Great stuff man.

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This is a very good entry for the assignment. I like the colors, and you have plenty of patterns going on here. Good job! You definitely have a contender in this one.

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Great shot and if I may say so, great taste!


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Really smooth colors.


Pete A
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That is a beautiful shot.

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A++ really a great shot!