#517 The Roots Below

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Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!

I went out to shoot yesterday and found an old, weathered cottonwood stump with its exposed roots reflecting back up from a pool of water. I wanted to create an image reminiscent of the illustrations that Arthur Rackham used to draw. So, I used Photoshop's new "Oil Paint" filter to make the roots more sinewy, converted the image to Black & White then painted in the blue and yellow to better show which was above and below water.


Thank you!

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I like the post processing treatment, and I would bet that there is something creepy lurking in those tangled roots. Wouldn't want to stick my hand in there.

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Nice Find... I grew up near a River and "Root wads" can be very creepy..

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cool image! I like this one a lot.

Bill Adam
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Nice work Bob.

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Thanks for all the kind comments. My daughter refuses to look at it.

Travis Rhoads
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Very nice, like your vision and execution.

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Voted for this one. Excellent image!