Canon EOS 1D X Review by Fred Miranda

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Fred Miranda wrote:
skibum5 wrote:
Fred Miranda wrote:
I love that shot. I'm planning a trip to Africa next year. I'm still deciding which country is the best place to start...Either east (Kenya and Tanzania) or South Africa...This would be my first trip there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I've only been to Tanzania, but it was pretty cool. Aside from the Serengeti you also have stuff like the Ngorongoro crater and Zanzibar (there is a forest on Zanzibar that has extremely endangered monkeys, but they are almost like some lost monkeys from New Guinea that had never seen man before in that they are not particularly scared off easily, I literally had them running in front of me and hanging two feet over my head, etc. see (and mind you many are shot at LESS than 200mm at merely 8-10MP on APS-C density):
this one was 'far' away:
cool stuff!

that said, I hear that South Africa is pretty awesome too, apparently you often get closer and it has a lot more brush and stuff around and less open (more or less no going off road in the Serengeti and you must be back by sunset, they treat anything after sunset as a poacher to hunt down basically, and they say not to beg and whine the driver to stay just a little longer because he might get fired and lose an amazing job; Kenya I think you can go more off-road, they have had some more unrest there at times, we were supposed to meet the Leakeys but they got trapped in Nairobi due to unrest when we were there and couldn't make the trip down to where we were in Tanzania)

I believe Tanz/Ken are dry and dusty JJA but not so dusty Dec/Jan and maybe even wet in Mar/Apr or I think also Oct/early Nov I know at the height of wet season sometimes the road can become more like rivers supposedly and it can get 'interesting' I think Jan/Feb/Mar are calving times. But that info is all vague.

Thanks for the detailed info and sharing these photos skibum5!
Tanzania is on our list. I'm hoping my new born will let me take a short trip there in 2013. Here is a picture of Fred Jr. on his new crib.

cute kid

One tip is that I would try taking some of the anti-malaria stuff before you leave to see how well you tolerate it and test it out ahead of time. And if you can't handle the main one they give now then maybe try doxy instead (although bring tons of sunscreen then because you'll VIOLENTLY burn if you get that near equator sun on you while taking that stuff and it can make your stomach grow upset after a while). If you start out in Arusha and quickly get up into Ngorongoro and the Serengeti you might be able to delay the start since not much malaria up the high altitudes of those areas. I think some parts of South Africa or close to malaria free now. Anyway I'm not a doctor.

If you really want to catch the great migration, it can help to have a tour dedicated to that, at least for the Serengeti or Masi Mara stretch (and pick the right time of year and pray, although the moving tented camps can somewhat make up for shifting schedules). When I went I only caught a bit of a far off glimpse of the great migration.

The way things are going I wonder if the great migrations will even be possible to see in another 20 years.
The upper reaches of the main rivers are getting deforested and there is talk of letting in companies to extract resources or something.

The Ngorongoro crater is one of the only reliable places in the Tanz/Kenya region to still be able to see a black rhino, so few left, that other than in the crater they are way too spread out unless you are crazy lucky.

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