Featured Thread: Some Crazy Brown Bear Encounters

Fred Miranda
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This week's featured thread from Tin Man Lee, "Some Crazy Brown Bear Encounters"

"We have been searching for brown bears for days and finally found a good spot. The water almost reached my chest as I was kneeling down to get a better angle. The water was freezing cold. But I wasn't sure if the uncontrollable shivering of my body and my teeth was due to the ice-cold water or the fear of facing the mighty wildlife right in front of us.

All the pics were taken with a Canon 1D Mark IV and 500mm F4 on a RRS tvc-33 tripod and Wimberley II head. ISO 800, 1/1600s, and between f5.0-f8 depending on the light as it was overcast but the light kept changing that day." Link