Canon 300mm f/4L IS II patent released

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jmckayak wrote:
I'm hoping that Canon releases a new 300 f4 soon. I have the 300 IS and the non-IS. The IS system is clunky, whirrs, buzzes and the AF takes too long. If it didn't focus so close and take such great photos, I'd have dumped it a while back. The IS system failed and was replaced. CPS membership was worthwhile on that lens. My IS lens is as sharp as the non-IS lens but the non-IS focuses much faster, much like the 400 5.6.
If Canon develops a 300 f4 IS that has a modern IS system, I'll sell both 300's and my 400. Just make sure the close focus is less than 5 feet...

Stop making good points, Canon might take them on board!

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OntheRez wrote:
Fr3d wrote:
Ernie Aubert wrote:
Does anyone know how many years it typically takes after Canon files a patent for a new lens for them to announce it as a new product? Or does it vary too wildly to admit of any "typical"?

Most patented lens designs never make it into a final product. The time between patent release and
final product (if any) can vary between a couple of months and a couple of years.

Just to support Fr3d's remarks, having worked in the tech industry I can say there is no mathematical correlation between filing and time to product arrival. Most never make it and I've seen an occasion or two where the filing barely beat product introduction. Overall, my impression is that Canon is rarely in a hurry


From someone working on patents, I would have to agree 100%

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