Featured Thread: Bristlecone Pines by JimFox

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This week's featured thread from JimFox, "Bristlecone Pines"

"This is from a few weeks ago. The moon was almost full and really lighting the place up. It was bright enough to really wash out the Milky Way, but startrails seemed to work fine. This shot is my experimenting with taking 60 shots of 30 sec exposures and then I used the Startrail program to stack them. It's my first time using it, and it did a really great job. You can load it with all the shots, and 1 dark frame, and it goes to work. I then blended the star portion in with a shot that gave a bit more foreground. So this is two 14mm shots with a slight overlap to get more foreground area.

Each stacked shot was ISO 2000, 25 sec at f4 as it was bright out.". Link

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Well deserved, Jim!