Some Crazy Brown Bear Encounters (4)

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Tin Man Lee
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Thank you Mark, nice to meet you!

321photos wrote:
doesn't get much better than that - great shots TM + thanks for sharing!


Chris Schlaf
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John Caldwell
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Chris Schlaf wrote:


Martin Good
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Welcome to the forum Tin and congrats on this super post especially the first one.

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Boy these are some beauties. I love the action portrayed here and what a treat to see.


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Superb work TM, I am planning my first tour to AL, with stops at various locations near Homer, fly in tours, etc., I hope to talk to you about your trip if you do not mind.


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Wow, you certainly made a "splash" with your first post!! All are great, I like the first and last best!!


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Tin Man, you killed it. Best bear shots I've seen in awhile! Thank you.

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Tin Man,

Excellent. #1 is just fantastic.

Wes N.

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Super intro post Tin... I really like the action captured in the first and last post... I can the bear's excitement as it is about to pounce on the salmon.


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Nice series on these awesome looking Grizzlies. Good job.

Herb Houghton
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Great series, #1-4 are my picks.

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well come to the forum Tin. wonderful shots. #1 we could have sent him/her to olympics for butterfly. There would be no contest

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Wow, these are fantastic.

I think you did well to stay in the water with these guys around and being so active, that can't be easy!


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Great shots Tin Man!! Glad you got some good ones too. Thanks for your note on mine. Hope to see you on another great shoot soon. Eugene won't fail you.

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Fantastic action set.

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Excellent each and every one, but #1 is just....what's the next stage past excellent?

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Wow! Great shots.

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I'll say this. My first post was no where near that impressive. Actually, none of mine have been. Welcome, and that's what I call a grand entrance. Great work.

Karl Witt
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Tin Man, a warm welcome to this forum

Your imagesbhavecquickly earned my respect for your talents. Simply invigorating action and poses!

Hope to see you continue to share your outings.


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