Canon 5D Mark II and III price reduced!

Fred Miranda
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Just a heads up: B&H Photo has lowered the price of the Canon 5D mark II from $2,199 to $2,079
and the
Canon 5D Mark III from $3,499 to $3,484.

I still own my Canon 5D Mark II and highly recommend it for landscape photography.
(Especially at the new low price)

They are currently both in stock.

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Same price on Amazon plus you get free 2 day shipping (or $3 overnight with prime).

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I'm sure that $15 price drop on the 5Dmk3 will have them flying off the shelf!

On the other hand, that 5Dmkii is pretty tempting. Might have to give Canon a try after all!

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I just noticed that Best Buy has the Canon 5D Mark III listed at $3,349.99