Fujifilm is ready to roll!

Fred Miranda
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Fujifilm finally reveals that they are ready to roll out lenses for their X-Pro1 prosumer interchangeable-lens camera. The company just released an official new road map with a few lenses coming out his fall and the rest anticipated to come out in 2013. The pricing, however, is still under wraps.

Here's the link to the roadmap:

“Fujifilm will introduce, in autumn this year, a bright F2.8 super wide 14mm (21mm *1) single focal length lens and a bright F2.8-4 zoom lens that covers the shooting range of 18mm to 55mm (27-84mm *1).
Another unique five lenses will be added in the line-up in early 2013, making the total to 10 lenses.
And as each chapter in the XF story ends, another begins as we steadily expand the lineup of XF lenses.”