40/2.8 is very good

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Yakim Peled
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skyisland wrote:
jamato8 wrote:
Sometimes you don't want the extra bulk. I have been using to on my 5DII and 7D, and it makes for a nice compact SLR and it focusses fairly close as well.

These were taken with the 7D at ISO 640 and the 40mm.

Wow Gila Monster! I once saw a dead one on the side of the street but never one that was alive. Are you somewhere in the desert of Cali? Aren't they extremely poisonous?

No. Death from a Gila monster bite is extremely rare. This is because it's not an aggressive animal and its poisen is relatively weak.

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Just ordered one from B&H. After reading a good portion of this thread, I checked the B&H site and saw that it was on sale for $149 shipped. I am thinking that it'll make a compact package with one of my 5d MII's that will be more conducive to taking a camera where I would likely not carry one along otherwise.

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