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Thanks to everyone who participated in the WA 506! (Theme 'Sports')

Voting for this assignment is closed.
Congratulations to the top 5 winners! Thanks for being a part of the Weekly Assignments.

 Final vote status 

Votes result
Go4Long, Angle of AttackPollPollPoll2618%
happyfamily, Running on beachPollPollPoll1813%
John Richter, SportyPollPollPoll11%
matejphoto, Red WheelsPollPollPoll96%
Bob Jarman, Wheelchair TennisPollPollPoll64%
TheBart, Extreme yoga at the beachPollPollPoll00%
Tom Harpstead, tour de francePollPollPoll21%
Hightraxx, The Invisible batterPollPollPoll75%
dorian, its a bird, its a plane, its a........?PollPollPoll2316%
mark fadely, Extreme SportsPollPollPoll00%
ruuskan, Up in the airPollPollPoll54%
Travis Rhoads, OvertakingPollPollPoll11%
Tenn.Jer, Swimming CompetitionPollPollPoll11%
Rick Joyce, Cattle Penning CompetitionPollPollPoll64%
Marty Bingham, Bicycle RacePollPollPoll54%
Liquidpics, The first place winner glarePollPollPoll11%
relms, Saturday at the DockPollPollPoll1511%
thinkpadfans, Sport for a babyPollPollPoll11%
Mado, Canoeing on reflectionPollPollPoll1511%
conecrazy, Disc GolfPollPollPoll00%
Total Votes142100%

« Angle of Attack »
by Go4Long
26 votes

« Running on beach »
by happyfamily
18 votes

« Sporty »
by John Richter
1 vote

« Red Wheels »
by matejphoto
9 votes

« Wheelchair Tennis »
by Bob Jarman
6 votes

« Extreme yoga at the beach »
by TheBart
0 vote

« tour de france »
by Tom Harpstead
2 votes

« The Invisible batter »
by Hightraxx
7 votes

« its a bird, its a plane, its a........? »
by dorian
23 votes

« Extreme Sports »
by mark fadely
0 vote

« Up in the air »
by ruuskan
5 votes

« Overtaking »
by Travis Rhoads
1 vote

« Swimming Competition »
by Tenn.Jer
1 vote

« Cattle Penning Competition »
by Rick Joyce
6 votes

« Bicycle Race »
by Marty Bingham
5 votes

« The first place winner glare »
by Liquidpics
1 vote

« Saturday at the Dock »
by relms
15 votes

« Sport for a baby »
by thinkpadfans
1 vote

« Canoeing on reflection »
by Mado
15 votes

« Disc Golf »
by conecrazy
0 vote