#506 Canoeing on reflection

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Thursday, I went with my students at the lake. It was calm and beautiful. I saw that guy coming with his canoe. So, I decided to use this one instead of the other one that I chose before. I take the risk!!!!

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I love this one; the reflection is curved around the bright color of the canoe, perfectly placed between the bridge columns...beautiful scene, well-captured...

Travis Rhoads
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very interesting reflections, not the typical. I really like seeing things in the reflection that are out of frame, very nicely done.

mark fadely
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That is a beautiful scene Mado. The composition is nicely done to highlight the reflection.

Tom Harpstead
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I love the reflection, I think you made a good decision on taking a chance.

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A great shot Mado. Well thought out and captured.

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Well captured madothat repflections rocks