WA 504 winner: gregfountain

Fred Miranda
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Congratulations to gregfountain for winning WA 504!

Thanks to all of the FM members who participated in submitting photos
during this assignment on Paint.

You have chosen the winners based on your votes. The top five photos displayed below, will also be showcased on our Winners Gallery.

1st place · gregfountain with 33 votes
Bleeding a Sunflower

2nd place · birdied with 13 votes
Swirls on Canvas - Replaced shot

3rd place · Oregon Gal with 13 votes
Nature's Paint

4th place · ESC in KC with 8 votes
Painted wall

5th place · thinkpadfans with 8 votes
Paints on Innocent Faces

mark fadely
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Great job Greg! Congrats to all finalists here in the winners' circle.

Travis Rhoads
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Congrats Greg, great image. Congrats to the others in the top 5 too.

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Hi guys, congrats!
Many top entries.
And to Greg, congrats again for fine work.

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I feel quite honored by your votes with so many fine entries! Thank you!


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Congratulations Greg and all well done!


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Congrats for the winner and 4 second best.

Greg - there was a question whether you ask Home Depot to match the color of the flower? So what was the story?

Btw my wife loves this shot too. She asked whether she can vote without being FM'er


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Hi Adam. Yes, I did have the home depot match the color of the paint to the sunflower I brought along. The idea was to depict the sunflower being "bled" for it's "paint," so I had to have it match....

Thanks for the kind words!


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Congratulations Greg! Beautiful execution...and the rest of the winners are pretty awesome to.

Oregon Gal
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Congratulations Greg, it was a great idea and exection. Well deserved win, congratulations everyone.

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Congratulations all.

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nice one!